Episode 4

Published on:

4th Jun 2021

Toon - Brunch of Champions

We're back!

In her quest to become famous, Rita Rabbit attends a brunch meeting with Hollywood agent, Ivan the Tiger, to discuss her future in the business. Meanwhile, the boys are mistaken for temps by the diner staff and hijinks ensue!

Dice Try Includes:

Daniel Schaub (@hemingwaylite)

Earl Kim (@fyrestorm)

Paul Dixon (@paulalandixon)

Crista Llewelyn (@cristallewellynmua)

Music and Editing By:

Glenn Davis (@thecavedale)

Gabriel Toya-Melendez (@japorican1)

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About the Podcast

Dice Try
An RPG & Storytelling Podcast
Welcome to Dice Try, an RPG and story-telling podcast. Join our players: Crista Llewelyn, Earl Kim, and Paul Dixon as they travel through unusual stories and worlds with the help of their GM, Daniel Schaub.

Featuring original music by Glenn Davis and sound engineering by Gabriel Toya-Melendez, Dice Try invites our listeners to join us on adventures into new, vibrant worlds.

This podcast can be found @dicetrypodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thank you.

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